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It's All Connected.

Your audience. Your marketing. Your challenges. Your opportunities.

They are the roots of your business. 

We untangle. You grow.


Life is hard.

Marketing doesn't have to be.

Tangled Roots was built as a lifeline to other marketers.


Our founder has spent 20+ years building brands, uncovering a few unassailable truths:

This work is hard.

Life is hard.

Doing both, at your absolute best,

is an impossibility


That's why we commit to not:

  • Calculate monthly profit margins on your billable hours

  • Haggle over tactical decisions

  • Waste your time with bullshit status meetings

  • Build reports to be filed in a digital dumpster


We work.

We work fucking hard.

And we do it so you can...

Finally listen to that podcast you heard about.

Or take a vacation, with your Slack notifications on mute.

Or (imagine this!), hang with your kid and enjoy time with your family. 

Results don't require 75-slide decks. Insights don't require dissertations. Every minute spent on work your audience can't feel is a minute wasted; a minute you could have used for better things. 

That's why we will deliver on your needs with:

  • Energy

  • Imagination

  • Respect

  • Humility 

  • Levity (lots of it)


Every brand has roots.

Here are some we untangled.


Allow me to introduce myself.


Hi there. I'm Dan.


I'm a passionate consumer marketer who has spent 20 years introducing brands to new and desirable audiences, employing a consistent mix of reason, creativity and urgency -- all based on the very simple principle that our innate curiosity and optimism as human beings is what makes us the greatest asset to a company's bottom-line success. I believe generations of marketers have failed to achieve their best, in part, because they deny these base instincts, allowing temporary challenges to cloud the view of larger, more impactful opportunities. 


As a senior leader, I have successfully applied this approach in leading global marketing teams larger than 30, managing working marketing dollars in excess of $50M, and mentoring and coaching employees and direct reports to perches of leadership across the world. In this time, I have had oversight of public relations, internal communications, social media, content and paid media departments, and been a trusted cross-functional partner to leaders in sales, operations, product, finance and human resources. 


Among my experiences, I have launched an entirely new form of sports wagering with unikrn, an esports and video games focused betting platform that is now being integrated into some of the largest betting brands in the world for FTSE 100 Entain.


I led U.S. communications and go-to-market execution for Tinder, introducing Gen-Z daters to the most aggressive product lineup in the company's history, coming immediately out of the pandemic. This included helping singles to understand the “new rules” of dating in a return to face-to-face interactions, as well as ensuring the brand maintained its position of leadership and trust amid.


For the world's largest video game company, Activision Blizzard, I introduced millions of fans worldwide to two professional, global esports leagues -- growing share of voice against competitors 10-plus percent each year I was there. I also guided the company through COVID-19, leading executive communications, message development and communications strategy for shifting our business model from live events to one exclusively online; managed the business through a geopolitical crisis; and led the organization through significant change management.


At Reebok, I doubled volume and reach of earned media coverage for the legacy brand, year-over-year; increased earned media value at a faster rate than Nike or adidas; and grew social engagement year-over-year by percentages of 30-plus for four straight years. This included scoring some of the largest engagement wins in the company’s history through intentionally bold, aggressive storytelling conceived above and beyond the briefs of the business units – helping to ultimately drive meaningful percentage point gains in net promoter score (NPS), purchase intent and customer retention. 


From my time leading storytelling at Ford Motor Company, to my tenure driving media relations for Nintendo and its record-breaking Wii and DS systems, I have worked alongside and in the service of C-level leaders and delivered consistent, quantifiable business results. 

Now, let me do the same for you. 

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